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    Mountain Liberation Front

    Mountain Liberation Front Declaration

    The mountains that are liberated from MLF are holy mountains that experience restrictions similar to humans for hundreds of years. Their liberation is a reminder of the primordial right to move freely on this planet. Anyone who wishes to liberate more mountains based on the values of freedom of movement, equal rights and solidarity, is allowed to use the name of MLF for their action.

    “If the prophet doesn’t go to the mountain, the mountain will go to the prophet.”

    Part 1, Machapuchare

    Machapuchare (6993m) is a himalayan mountain situated in north-central nepal. She has never been climbed to the summit because she has been declared sacred mountain. Machapuchare was liberated because, just like most of the nepali people, she is not allowed to travel around the world since authorities woul not give her visa. She would need full bank account, permanent employment and strict bureaucracy to get it. Her freedom is a reminder to that humans cannot be described by surnames, papers, nationalities or bank accounts.

    Part 2, Athos

    Athos, (2030m) is situated in North Greece. It is also called Agio Oros – the Holy Mountain, and has been known as a place of retreat and healing since 4th century AD. In 1046, a byzantine emperor prohibited entry at the peninsula of the mountain to women. Since then, no woman can access the 336km2 of land that belongs and is run by Orthodox church. Athos was liberated because he isn’t allowed to exit strict monastic life that others imposed on him. His freedom is a reminder that holiness and sacredness do not depend on bodies, but on minds.

    • Mountain Liberation Front

    • Machapuchare 2011. Mountain Liberation Front, 2015

    • Machapuchare free, 40″ video. Mountain Liberation Front, 2015

    • Athos. Mountain Liberation Front, 2015

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